Online archives

A part of the holdings of the Organisation has also been registered and catalogued in various databases listed below.

Currently this section is not accessible due to temporary maintenance.

1) The database of the library holdings, which offers a catalogue of books in the possession of the Ente Raccolta Vinciana, allows for the consultation of approximately 1.200 pamphlets that have not been catalogued in the Opac Sbn system (On line Public Access Catalogue - National Library Service. The service is accessible via the “external databases” link).

2) Leonardo’s Treatise on Painting: this database contains the most important information on all the print editions of Leonardo’s Treatise on Painting belonging to the organisation.

3) Raccolta Vinciana: database containing references to articles published by the Organisation in its review.

4) Documents on and accounts of Leonardo: This section of the website contains a database with all of the contemporary documents and accounts of Leonardo da Vinci. The primary source is an edition by Edoardo Villata, and published by the Ente Raccolta Vinciana, called “Leonardo da Vinci – documents and contemporary accounts” with additional findings made after publication. The database will be updated every two years.

5) Bibliography of the Treatise on Painting by Leonardo: The section contains the main information on all known printed editions of Leonardo’s Treatise on Painting.
 The following sources have been used:

 A) Print bibliographies
 B) Bibliographies on electronic databases
 C) Private Italian collections